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How to enter your rating on an Item?

-Just tag the product or service of interest as #brandnameproduct, #brandnameservice e.g.
#samsungcorby, #southwesterndomesticflight3137....

-Enter your star grading on the scale of 5, "*1, *2, *3, *4, *5" just NEXT TO #brandnameproduct, #brandnameservice e.g.
"#samsungcorby *5", "#southwesterndomesticflight3137 *4".

-Type your comment "I recommend it to everyone", "The battery sucks", "There was a 30 min. delay" etc.etc.

-Adress to your friends using @friend1.


"I recommend #brandenameproduct1 *4 to everyone. been using for a year no problem at all @myfriend1"

"The screen is problematic, low resolution #brandnameproduct2 *2 @myfriend1 @myfriend2"

- You can enter more than one #brandnameproduct/service and star-rating in a single status. e.g.
"#brandnameproduct *5 is better than #brandnameproduct *3 @friend1".

- And "Share".

How to search for ratings of a product?

-Use the search bar for the product or service name. Type brandname and product/service of interest without
a space. e.g. samsungcorby.

-Click on the item.

How to share your ratings on social media?

-Use share icons (Addthis, Addtoany) to target to the social media of interest.

-E-mail your friend, alternatively.

How to use mobile application?

-Use your mobile device to go to

-Login on to the mobile application.


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